17th October 2023

It has been exactly two years since our comeback, and although we relaunched this project with hope, we did not reach our goals. Therefore, we decided to put this project to an end.

We still believe that our project was different from other cryptocurrency faucets or get-paid-to sites. We have always offered low-amount withdrawals and allowed users to withdraw from day zero, which is not possible in almost every online earning site.

Over these two years, our users have played an incredible amount of 7.1 million of games in our Minesweeper game, requested over 17 thousand withdrawals, and completed 10 thousand offers. That's amazing!

CoinGet will be closing on the 27th of October 2023 at 17:00 UTC. Here are some deadlines that you must know:

CoinGet might continue to be accessible after those deadlines but do not expect to keep receiving rewards or being able to access your account.

What will happen with your data? We hate as much as you those companies that sell user data to third parties. We will be deleting your personal data such as account login information (email and password) and account accesses.